It’s no secret that cell phones emit electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) that could harm your health.

But for a long time there’s been disagreement about just how dangerous the radiation from cell phones is…

Some studies show long-term, frequent use of cell phones increases the risk of fertility problems, memory issues, learning disabilities, brain cancer, acoustic nerve tumors and salivary gland tumors. Still, skeptics say there’s not enough solid scientific evidence to prove cell phones come with any health risks, let alone serious risks like cancer.

So if you prefer to be on the side of caution when it comes to cell phones, here’s what you can do…

Reducing cell phone radiation risk
Most of us have an unhealthy attachment to our cells phones. But if we want to avoid the potential risks of cell phone radiation, we need to wean ourselves off our mobile devices.

In fact, the more frequently you step away from your phone, the better, since being close to your phone increases your exposure to the electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) that’s suspected to cause health problems.

  1. Stick to speaker phone, Bluetooth headsets or text messaging. Keeping your cell phone away from your head is wise idea, especially if you’re worried about the brain cancer risk.
  2. Ditch the headset when you’re not using it. We’ve all seen people walk around with Bluetooth headsets in their ears even when they’re not talking on the phone. Turns out, this isn’t such a great idea. Using Bluetooth headsets is better than putting your cell phone up to your head, especially if you talk on the phone a lot. But Bluetooth’s emit low levels of EMF radiation too. So keep your Bluetooth stowed somewhere other than your ear when you’re not using it.
  3. Don’t carry your phone on your body. The closer your phone is to your body, the more radiation you’re exposed to. So storing your phone in your pocket is a bad idea. In fact, studies show men who store their cell phones in their pocket end up with a lower sperm count. So men, it may be time to start putting your phone in a briefcase or backpack. Or if you have to put your cell phone in your pocket, turn it off.
  4. Don’t sleep near your phone. A lot of us use our phone for an alarm clock, but you may want to pull out your old digital alarm clock. Sleeping near your phone puts you in the path of this potentially dangerous radiation all night long. Plus, sleeping near your phone interrupts your precious sleep. We’ve all had a friend or family member wake us up with a late night or early morning text.
  5. Stay off the phone when reception is poor. When you’re only getting one or two bars of service, your phone is emitting more EMF radiation. So stay off it when reception is weak. This shouldn’t be too hard, since using a phone with weak reception is pretty frustrating, anyway.

source: Easyhealthoption

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