I had a very wonderful childhood full of warm memories. I recall singing in the choir at an early age and my childhood ambition was to become a pharmacist or a nurse.


For my elementary education, I attended Saint Teresa’s Primary School in Oke Ado, Ibadan. Then, I proceeded to Baptist Secondary School, also in Oke Ado. However, I later left Ibadan for Lagos because my parents relocated. I ended up completing my secondary school education in Lagos at Sari Iganmu Secondary School, Orile-Iganmu. Thereafter, I graduated from the Yaba College of Technology, Akoka, Lagos, with an OND in Secretarial Administration. I then went to the University of Lagos where I bagged a Bachelor in Creative Arts.


I got into music simply due to parental influence. My parents are pastors. I was actually introduced and invited to the choir by my parents. Then, I continued while I was in college. The first song I recorded was titled, Mbene, which means “thank you” in my dialect (Aniocha, Delta State).

Midnight Crew

I met the other members of Midnight Crew by providence and the rest is history. My love for music and the desire to render my services unto the Lord attracted me to join the group. It was very easy to blend with the other members because we have the same mindset. Actually, the four of us love the Lord. We respect and believe in the strength that God gave us as individuals; so, we capitalise on our strength and share duties. Anyone on duty gives the direction and the rest follow. At the outset, one of the challenges we faced was finance.


We decided to pursue solo careers because we needed to die empty. We recognised that we had to express ourselves to the maximum and to fulfil that, solo platforms are needed. As a solo artiste, the experience is different and beautiful. The breakthrough in my solo career was an instant experience because many people received the switch from group to solo very well. Been a solo artiste at a time like this is super amazing at 40.


So far, we have four albums as a group and I have one album as a solo artiste. Right now, I am working on my second album.


It would be very hard for me to collaborate with a secular artiste because our audiences and messages are different. What I love most about being a gospel artist is the grace to reach out and win souls for the Lord and seeing people turn from their old ways and loving the Lord. My personality can best be described as ‘Peepelicios’.


In the course of my career, I have learnt several lessons which are still helping me till date. I have learnt to always love my neighbour, humanity and myself. If I love myself, I will do good things. If I love my neighbour, we would do great together; and to humanity, the world would be a better place.

Other interests

Music is the only thing I do. It is what I have dedicated my life to and I find fulfillment in doing it. When you love what you do, it wouldn’t seem like work to you. As a matter of fact, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

Role models

My role models are Cece Winans, Shirley Caesar and Panam Percy Paul. They are people with proven integrity and they have consistently shown their zeal for the things of God.


One of the qualities that attracted me to my husband is the fact that he is consistent and straightforward. The best way to describe my marital experience is as someone who God has helped.


I haven’t really done anything extraordinary. To strike balance in one’s career and personal life, one has to be disciplined. You have to allocate time to everything. There should be time for work and time for family. You shouldn’t allow both times clash with each other as they are both important.


My hobbies are travelling and singing. I relax by sleeping and watching short movies.


My fashion style can best be described as simple and gorgeous.

source: Punch

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