A Judge at the Ikeja Special Offences Court who ruled on the case of billionaire kidnapper, Evans, stated that he was not forced to make confessional statements. 

According to Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo, the billionaire kidnapper and his accomplice Victor Aduba, a dismissed soldier, never provided the court with any proof of coercion or torture during a trial-within-trial to determine the admissibility of their statements to the police. 

“The video of the first defendant (Evans), giving his statement, was played in open court. The first defendant appeared relaxed and was smiling in the video. 

There was no visible threat of violence or coercion.The defendants’ counsel did not report to the authorities about the alleged torture before proceedings began. 

The first defendant’s stories appeared to be contrived for the purpose of this trial. I have carefully taken into consideration the arguments contained in the written addresses, and there is insufficient evidence of torture and coercion.

“I find that the defendants’ statements were made voluntarily. I accept the statements of the two defendants as exhibits and they are so marked Exhibits F and G’, the judge said

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