Queen Peezy has told ‘One Corner’ singer, Patapaa to hold his manhood and curse that he never slept with her, after he denied being in a relationship with her. Recall that after Patapaa for his Europe tour a couple of months ago, he was spotted 

several times flirting with different women. The public romantic affairs, got his known girlfriend Queen Peezy upset and further pushed her into removing a promise ring he gave her. 

Reacting to the backlash he faced, Patapaa claimed that he was never in a relationship with Queen Peezy but was only hired to fake a relationship and make her popular. 

However firing back at him, Queen Peezy who maintained that she she was dating Patapaa, told him to hold his manhood and curse that he never slept with her. 

The Ghanaian actress who revealed that she slept with Patapaa countless times because they were in a relationship, further added that Patapaa lied about their relationship to escape from his shame of the backlash he got from flirting

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