An early morning raid by Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI along Kiboko/Mukoma road in Kenya, led to the recovery of millions of fake US Dollars, Zambian Kwachas and over 100 kilograms of fake Gold nuggets. 

Four foreigners-1 Congolese, 2 Tanzanians, 1 Nigerian-& 4 Kenyans arrested. To be charged in court Today. The Eight suspects are:-

1. Ruhota Kabagale, a Congolese

2. Manson Chogga Mtassi, a Tanzanian

3. Chukunosho Francis Ogbuanu, a Nigerian

4. Konie Kalist, a Tanzanian


5. Boniface Mtwasi Anjere

6. Robert Riagah

7. Arthur Caleb Otieno&

8. Michael Omondi Okeng

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